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PulseMedica Raises $12 Million CAD to Advance Eye Floater Imaging and Treatment Technology

PulseMedica Raises $12 Million CAD to Advance Eye Floater Imaging and Treatment Technology

by PulseMedica

May 29, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Edmonton, Alberta – May 29, 2024— In a significant endorsement of its revolutionary technology, PulseMedica Corp. (“PulseMedica” or the “Company”), a life sciences startup, announced today that it has raised an aggregate of $12 million CAD to date in investment as part of their pre-Series A financing round. This investment allowed PulseMedica to generate exciting initial results from their preclinical and clinical studies and will continue to accelerate the clinical validation of PulseMedica’s innovative floater imaging device. Additionally, the investment supports ongoing laser safety and feasibility studies essential for the first-in-human clinical trial for floater treatment. Funds are also directed toward expanding the technical and business teams in preparation for commercialization and regulatory approvals.

Saltagen Ventures led the financing round with participation from Accelerate Fund III, ScaleGood Fund, ThresholdImpact, UCeed Health Fund, Startup TNT and the University of Alberta’s Innovation Fund.

"Our team is very excited to support PulseMedica's mission to cure ophthalmic diseases such as floaters, VMT and AMD. We view their technology as a true game changer, and the potential to redefine people's lives as a major factor in our investment. We take our role as lead investor seriously and are looking forward to supporting Nir and his team for years to come."

— Joseph Fung, Managing Partner at Saltagen Ventures

Accelerating PulseMedica’s Revolutionary Platform

Receiving this support is a crucial milestone that underscores the significance of PulseMedica's efforts in developing the first effective diagnostic and treatment devices for eye floaters. This endorsement marks a substantial advancement not only for PulseMedica but also for the broader field of ophthalmology. The Company’s groundbreaking innovations show promise to positively impact millions of lives, enhancing the standard of care for eye disease by offering a safe, non-invasive, and effective imaging and treatment solutions.

Eye disease impacts hundreds of millions world-wide. PulseMedica’s team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for millions experiencing visual disorders with unique diagnostics and treatments. Most of this round was closed in early 2023, and we are excited to finally share this news with the world. The timing of this announcement and coming out of ‘stealth-mode’ is triggered by initial exciting results from our preclinical and clinical studies on imaging and treatment of eye floaters. The financing will continue to help provide us with the ability to advance our platform and further validate its performance in a clinical setting. With this success, we are preparing for the opening of a Series A fundraising round which will support future clinical studies essential for regulatory approvals. We are grateful for the support from our new investors and existing shareholders and the dedication from startup enablers like Creative Destruction Lab, Alberta Innovates, INOVAIT, and NRC IRAP.”

— Co-Founder and CEO of PulseMedica, Dr. Nir Katchinskiy

Join the Revolution

Since 2020, PulseMedica has successfully raised over $16M CAD, including a $6.5M CAD investment from a multinational strategic in 2023. Recent funding has enabled substantial progress in research and development, resulting in the development of 7 prototype devices and the filing of 14 patents.

PulseMedica is poised for an exciting phase of growth and development in the coming year. The Company is attracting interest from lead investors for its upcoming Series A fundraising round.


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About PulseMedica

PulseMedica, an Edmonton-based medical device startup, is developing an ophthalmic medical device platform for non-invasive, automated image-guided laser treatment enabled by 3D computer vision, real-time tracking, and femtosecond laser technology. PulseMedica is laser-focused on improving the quality of life for millions of people by building revolutionary technology to image and treat vitreoretinal disease. PulseMedica’s short-term vision is to become the global expert in non-invasive, safe, effective screening and treatment of eye floaters, with the ultimate vision of becoming the global standard for screening and treating vitreoretinal disease.

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