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PulseMedica Team

Meet everyone on the PulseMedica Team.


Executive Leadership Team

We believe that leadership isn't just a position but a commitment to inspire, innovate, and achieve success. Meet the co-founders and the leadership team at PulseMedica, Nir Katchinskiy and Eric Martin.

"PulseMedica's leadership team has a visionary approach and extensive expertise that propels our journey towards improving the quality of care for millions suffering from vitreoretinal diseases."

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World-Class Board of Directors

At PulseMedica, our success is engineered by a board of visionaries and accomplished business leaders whose collective expertise elevates every facet of our company.

Experienced Medical Advisory Board

Our medical advisory team of five distinguished ophthalmologists acts as the driving force behind our product development, leveraging their extensive knowledge to bring safe and effective solutions to the market.

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Renowned Strategic Advisors

Meet the seasoned advisors who play a pivotal role in shaping PulseMedica's journey toward success, offering their expertise to guide and strengthen our business.

The PulseMedica Team

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled professionals who are developing groundbreaking technologies and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Join Our Team

Join an innovative Edmonton-based startup and revolutionize vitreoretinal diagnostics and treatment. 

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